Australian LGBT Ice Hockey AGM Nomination Form

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Name of Person Being Nominated
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Nominated Persons Mobile Number
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Please choose one or more associations you wish to be considered for election What is the difference between Australian LGBT Ice Hockey and Southern Lights Ice Hockey Club? Australian LGBT Ice Hockey is designed to promote, knowledge share and build a LGBT Ice Hockey community Australia wide and facilitate/assist people and teams in other states/cities to build on the work we have already done. Australian LGBT Ice Hockey does not strictly run any teams or clubs itself. (Keep your eyes peeled people in other states - we’ll be looking to get in touch soon!) Southern Lights Ice Hockey Club is a club of LGBT Ice Hockey players with a focus on promoting and growing ice hockey here in Melbourne to play the IceHQ beer league seasons. It aims to grow in to a club that facilitates a welcoming environment for existing and new players alike.
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Check the positions that you wish to be considered for here. Elections are held in a hierarchal fashion - eg. If you nominate for President and are not elected, you can then be considered for subsequent positions. All people nominated to positions must hold a valid and current Working with Children Check due to Victorian Government regulations and events with a youth focus.
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Seconded by
All nominations must be seconded by another member. All nominations will be verified before being considered valid.
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Seconder's Mobile Number
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