Southern Lights Team Details Survey

Please note that information marked OPTIONAL is ABSOLUTELY OPTIONAL AND UP TO YOU TO ENTER. If you are uncomfortable sharing this information, please DO NOT enter it.

All information marked as optional will ONLY be handled by Kade and will be collated for demographic information for use in grant applications, sponsorship information packs and so on. No personally identifiable information will be kept for OPTIONAL components. Non optional components will be used to communicate with you or your emergency contact only if required. We take your privacy seriously, especially in a team like ours. We will always ask for further consent if this information is ever to be used in any manner that may be personally identifiable and if so, we will consider your answer a “no” until consent is given.

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Will be a case by case basis and discussed beforehand with Kade
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If used for major publication or non-promotional use, further consent will be sought.
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